MalLabel Music is stoked this week to bring back another episode of wonders from the experimental side of the space race as Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s ZeroGravity takes us through a sound portal to the glitchy beyond.

This space explorer blew us away a year ago when they dropped The Waxing Gibbous on us and they’ve stepped up the game in both experimentalism and production for 2017. This time bringing back the most unique and incredible sounds they could gather from outside of our world and putting them together in yet another phantasmal journey through the fabric of space and time. If you thought they were out of this world before, wait and hear just how weird one can be when one creates while completely weightless.

The waning Crescent, opens up with ‘The Mystery Box’, a chimerical conglomeration of dreamlike elements and glitchy renditions of inter-spacial anomalies woven together into a tapestry of kaleidoscopic and ever evolving design. True to it’s name, ‘Contrapuntal’ blends many independent melodic lines through a wormhole together and plays the result while ‘The Observatory’ takes a look at the musical interludes of a galaxy far away and plays them back through human speaker technology. ‘I Know What You Want At Night’ is a creepshow of vocal manipulations and glitchy cuts over some alien bass creations and finally, ‘The Way It Used To Be’ polishes it all off with the sounds of an artificial intelligence creating a symphony of it’s own. The most original thing you’ll hear this year. Hands Down.

Artwork by Nick Erbin
Mastering by Chris Cox