MalLabel Music is thrilled to be welcoming back Zero Gravity, one of our most prolific and skilled producers with the finale of an incredible series with ‘ Last Quarter’.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Zero Gravity is a project that prides itself on true creativity, never bowing to trends or what big sound system and the corporate EDM monsters are hungry for. This dedication has hardly hindered his success, as his free range Ableton sets spread like wildfire around the web and the Midwest.

If an alien crash landed in an urban center, received an immediate download of the past 20 years of beatmaking and transported his skills back to his home planet, ‘Last Quarter’ would be the soundscape created. Equally robotic and hyphy, interstellar and down to earth grimy, ‘Last Quarter’ is a meeting of worlds. The EP impresses as incredibly intelligent and well conceived, as technical clicks, synths and snares create an immersive sonic experience that truly transports.

Perhaps most impressive is Zero Gravity’s ability to stay true to vision and augment his sound without ever deviating from the edges of hyperspace, innovative bass music and chirpy, otherworldly wonder.

Artwork by Jeegan
Mastering by Chris Cox