MalLabel Music is hyped this week to welcome back a master of interstellar weirdness from the midwest with Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s ZeroGravity sending us into glitchy bass face overdrive.

As a follow up to his wildly original 2017 release ‘ The Waning Crescent’, this producer’s first foray into 2018 shows him as ever dedicated to his music’s mission to ‘push earthlings towardst the fringes of deep space, and away from the societal hold of current times.

First Quarter opens into ‘Constellation Culmination’, with a techy, two step intro reminiscent of our favourite old school Space Invader games. Ominous, ambient synths paint a wavy background that holds our heads steady as we’re lead up into the galaxy and plunged deep down into the dubby wobbles that lie below. Next, ‘Dreams From A Distant Time’ opens up as a sweet respite that takes us from twinkling, high end stardust into luxuriously filthy dub and blends the two into swirling, racing perfection. ‘Ever Been To Japan’ is destined to twist dancefloors into writhing pits of anthemic memory, with high hitting synths shimmering over alien code languages that erupt into knee breaking bass drops. Savour. ’Blue Moon’ showcases this man’s dexterity on the decks, as seemingly endless layers stir your speakers into a frenzy while ‘Loose Link Sink Ships’ leaves us floating off blissfully into the sweet unknown with more of the experimental magic this man is becoming known for.

With such a brilliant bass translation of extra-planetary communications, it’s beginning to seem highly unlikely that ZeroGravity is mere mortal. Aliens walk among us, and they’re ready to take you on a wicked ride.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox