MalLabel Music is keeping those good vibes flowing with another inspirational bunch of love and bass as Kansas City, Missouri’s, X.Wilson takes us on a magical ride through the skies above with a sublime trio of atmospheric gems.

X.Wilson has a lifetime of experience creating everything from the complex orchestral compositions to the live and improvisational. As a classically trained pianist you can hear the layers of melody flowing gracefully through all his works while the free spirited Jazz musician in him brings up the rear with offbeat breaks along rolling original cadence and timing. Experience as diverse in so many genres and indeed eras of music has granted him a certain peculiar outlook and unorthodox approach to his process creating a unique experience for the listener. As avid connoisseurs of all things curious from the sublime to the bewildering we’ll be watching closely as he continues to rise.

His newest EP, Contrast, was developed as part of a sound and light performance at an audio/visual exhibition and as such takes experimentalism to the next level. Each track is a story of it’s own independent from each other and thus very much intended to be open to the interpretation of the listener. As such I will forego my usual descriptions and just let it be known that the beauty of each piece transcends any intent to classify them in any particular genre, but instead move through emotions overlaid on rich sub basses and all blended with psychoacoustically driven manipulations to take your mind on a journey. Sit back and let the music take you on a trip inside and out.

Artwork by Austin Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox