This week’s release is absolutely massive as MalLabel Music is bringing you the​ ​superlative example of the best in bass music. ​UZUL​ comes in direct from Lyon, France to show us how the kingpins operate.

Migrating through genres for years, UZUL has moved from electrodub to hip hop noise to UK bass, techno and back. The 10,000 hours he’s invested have positioned him in a masterful position to construct the path through which many will follow.

While there has been much debate about the future of low-end music , UZUL is coming in with woofers blazing to confirm the future is ferocious. ‘​Borderline’​ is a hyphy, energetic triumph of UK grime, dub, big room horns, absolutely flawless footwork integrations, and killer samples. Any dedicated bass head knows how hard it is to execute this evel of genre interlacing, and UZUL is clearly writing the manual.

Borderline​ opens with the title track; deep and waving with monumental horns, 808 snares and sophisticated drops. The true opposite of cheesy big room bass. Next ‘​Evanescence’ ​kicks it up into girthy, staccato two-step rhythms and one of the most unique D&B treatments we’ve heard in a minute. The EP wraps up with​ ‘Burn Out’ ​a track destined to find itself into the summer packs of the most distinguished and future trending DJ’s, with cutthroat sampling, old school scratching and machine gunning synth patterns.

The tides are changing and only the captains are sure to rise. Keep your ears keen for UZUL this summer as we expect these sounds to be in the mix on the best dusty dancefloors and deep, dark parties worldwide.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox