Ever ready to depart from the norms, MalLabel Music has captured the magnetic power of ceaseless heroism in this week’s release: ​‘Off To The Future​’ by​ Unknown Hero​.

Unknown Hero is a creator on a mission, determined to flip the illustrated industry on its head. A lifelong fan of comic books, anime and video games, he noticed a profound lack of representation. Dismayed that lovers of these art forms had no models of colour to look up to, Unknown Hero was set alight to create a visual and auditory fantasy that offers a richer and broader scope of futurism. Mission accomplished.

‘Off To The Future’ ​commences with the thematic ​‘WelcomeToAltarz’​,rich with rhythmic synths, sophisticated cyborg overlays and jazzy undertones. As the Hero’s journey progresses into ​‘Off to the Future​’ we are summoned to leave behind a dying world and rise into soaring horns, triumphant 808 patterns and classic hip hop instrumentals. Perhaps the most unexpected and delicious hit on the album, ‘​Catch You​’ is a sensuous and dark grimey dream of post-apocalyptic R&B. The flipped and switched ‘​Sky is Falling​’ is epic, filled with 90’s west coast hip hop influences, lip-twisting snare hits and smooth auto-tuned vocals that somehow make light of the most dramatic of human conditions. We’re floored into conclusion with ​‘I Got This’​, a wobbly, womp heavy dubstep track with clicks and glitches a plenty and righteous visions galore.

In uncertain times, we need an Unknown Hero. If this EP is any indication of the changes afoot, we’re sure to be in strong hands.

Artwork by Tiger Fresh
Mastering by Chris Cox