MalLabel Music is stoked to start kickin’ the Glitch-Hop vibe straight back to 100 and beyond as Seattle, Washington’s, Torbjørn guides us down some chopped up back alleys and broken underground with some grimy new fiya.

Torbjørn is a multi-instrumentalist, poly-genre, mixed style monophobe that refuses to stay in a single box. From classical violin, to Jazz guitar, and on to the grimiest of Bass Music, he has flown through style and era on a warpath of discovery that still continues on. With such a strong backbone of musical knowledge and talent and guided only by his sense of discovery, each gem of artistic creation takes you somewhere new with familiar flavours of his past driving the rhythms. As the glitch and bass slice through each other into a deconstructed resampling of a machine shop the infusion of Hip-Hop vibes and tripped out atmospheres create an experience to truly get lost in.

His newest EP, Don’t Be A Pushover, is likely his most experimental yet as you’ll find immediately when the title track drops you into an encircling of glitched out plucks from a creep show horror flick amid the nasty basses oozing off each other like so much swamp filth. Next up, ‘Mood Swings’ takes the more direct approach with some ‘get low’ bass getting lower and meatier as the psychedelia plays with with the stereo field. Finally, ‘The Big Buzz’ keeps the creep creepin’ on with some big and as you might guess, buzzy basslines screaming through the subs. This one’s for the freaks that like our bass creepy.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox