MalLabel Music is excited to take you on another mind bending dive beyond genres this week, as Too Much​ returns with a snappy odyssey of glittering glitches and street worthy swagger in ‘​Oscillator’​.

His creations are at once grinding and peaceful, gritty and flowing; Too Much is a master of contradiction. A chief of commanding the laws of sound to bend to his control, the Vancouver, Washington based producer is ever devoted to the truest development of music as art, leading leading the listener far beyond hype and always into a pocket of the dankest groove.

The deep, thoughtful EP opens with ​‘Pre’ ​a jazzy and sensual symphony of crunchy slo-mo two steps awash in a soft, civilized keys sure to tantalize bodies into a pop & lock ballet. Next, ​Meta ft. Akira ​teases us onto a dance floor filled with childlike wonder. How can something so jazzy be so filthy? It’s just Too Much. Expect provocative, low end grinds dirty enough to snare your lip, and instrumentals smooth enough for a wedding. Oscillator goes out with a bang as​ ‘Tation’ slams into the soundsystem with a moodier tone, expressing a chilling, bubbling, sci-fi rendition of glitch. Clean, calm and creepily collected.

Like a hitman in a well tailored suit, Too Much has yet again proven his knack for destroying convention, and leaving us in awe on the floor.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox