This week MalLabel Music has another fresh face with some funky fresh, twerky, and psychedelic Glitch-Hop as Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s, The Fabricator and friends bring us some extra bounce and etheric essence to the bass game.

A man by many names, The Fabricator is the compendious moniker to which all others follow suit, that is to say, a creator. In life, a machinist bending, slicing, sculpting, and binding metal into creations for practical living. In music, a sonic artisan no differently shaping and assembling aural constructions for applications of a more spiritual nature. In whatever way life twists and turns he is using the full potential of his time spent here building for the future in any way his mind and body will allow, and we are going to be right here tagging along for the ride.

His new EP, Soulcast, is a testament to the holographic nature of our universe that bears witness to the ability for experiences and our very existence foreshadowing our future like a forecast from the soul of an incoming storm or the tranquility that precedes brighter days to come. Written on the emotions of the former, these creations as many an artist knows can lead to the expression of the latter becoming more clear. So come with us on an impassioned odyssey through the projection of a soul bearing through the cosmos, and two reflections of those energies synergistically focused through lenses of their own sentiment with remixes by Elucidate, and ZeroGravity.

Artwork by Tiger Fresh
Mastering by Chris Cox