Neo Noir Vol 4:  Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

Neo Noir Vol 4: Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

“Kosmic Kittens” is the last wave of assault on the empire with a Worldy, bouncing, HEAVY Dancehall riddim punctuated by DubBY melodic elements and deep, deep, booty-shaking bass. This track is at once dark and hopeful. A perfect balance of textures that conjures images of feline humanoids fighting for our future in zero Gravity.

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Neo Noir Vol 3: Paige Julia – Flesh

Neo Noir Vol 3: Paige Julia – Flesh

Paige Julia’s “Flesh” absolutely crackles and sizzles with crunchy, electric, distorted synths that seem to tear apart your tweeters, while ethereal space sounds drop in and out & engage in a playful call and response reminiscent of android chatter on your hyperspace-com.

Rhythmically driving and relentless, its machine-like precision rides atop a layer of thick, chunky bass anti-matter.

This is Paige Julia at her best, treading the fine line between dnb, haftime, techno, dub and leftfield Bass. A track so energetic, it will even power your hyperspace drive in an emergency!