VA – Melange Freq Out Now!

VA – Melange Freq Out Now!

From the far reaches of the cosmos, a generation of spice-addicted renegades emerges, craving the mesmerizing effects of the coveted substance known as Melange.

Fueling their desire to dance and surrender to the pulse of heavy intergalactic bass, these intrepid souls, or “Freqs” have learned to use the weirding voice to create and find solace in the fusion of worlds, genres and tempos

From the scorching deserts of Arrakis to the pulsating heart of interstellar raves, comes a compilation that transcends boundaries & embodies the addictive allure of Melange.

Neo Noir Vol 4:  Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

Neo Noir Vol 4: Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

“Kosmic Kittens” is the last wave of assault on the empire with a Worldy, bouncing, HEAVY Dancehall riddim punctuated by DubBY melodic elements and deep, deep, booty-shaking bass. This track is at once dark and hopeful. A perfect balance of textures that conjures images of feline humanoids fighting for our future in zero Gravity.

Download before the evil empire intercepts

Neo Noir Vol 3: Paige Julia – Flesh

Neo Noir Vol 3: Paige Julia – Flesh

Paige Julia’s “Flesh” absolutely crackles and sizzles with crunchy, electric, distorted synths that seem to tear apart your tweeters, while ethereal space sounds drop in and out & engage in a playful call and response reminiscent of android chatter on your hyperspace-com.

Rhythmically driving and relentless, its machine-like precision rides atop a layer of thick, chunky bass anti-matter.

This is Paige Julia at her best, treading the fine line between dnb, haftime, techno, dub and leftfield Bass. A track so energetic, it will even power your hyperspace drive in an emergency!