We love it when a plan comes together and Stereo Serum’s second MalLabel release is a climax of well designed undertakings. Roping in collaborators new and old, ‘While It Lasted’ is a journey of wild delights.

Stereo Serum is the result of optimized times and dangerously bold dreams. The Humboldt, California based producer has been dedicated to his craft since high school, squeezing practice hours in wherever he could, in high school and through to college. This sneaky ‘whatever it takes’ devotion has paid off. His latest EP is brazen, nonconformist and thought provoking.

‘While It Lasted’ is as emotional as it is technical. Layered, progressive and ambient soundscapes are grounded by deep drops, heavy articulations and the promise womp. From the dripping, snare heavy and nostalgic ‘Glass Candles’ all the way through to the twinkle heavy Murti collab ‘Long Night’, the entire EP listens like poetry; spelling a tale of human longing and the myriad of ways our emotions can translate into a soundscape.

Ready yourself with tissues, ‘While It Lasted’ has the power to tweak the tears.