This week MalLabel Music is welcoming back the tastemaking Bay Area duo Smash & Grab, bringing with them a crispy fresh soundtrack for the best night of your life.

Respected as connoisseurs of west coast underground sound for nearly a decade, Smash & Grab are clearly set on stealing the 2018 spotlight with little remorse as they firmly plant their standout sound on the razor’s edge of innovative tech house.

Their first release of the year ​‘Dancefloor Crop Dust’​ reaffirms the duo as mastercraftsman of the party who refuse to let established barriers halt them from creating anthems for a relentless dancefloor. Hydrate now – you’ll thank us later. ‘​‘I Farted’​ opens up into a heartbeat pacing 4/4 with driving snares, spine tingling synths and fat, deep horn rushes that lure us into blissful two-step complacency with a dusting of hip shaking moombahton and manipulated robo-vocals, right before flipping us over with mystic eastern surprises.

The journey gets even better as ​‘Milksteak’ ​drops us into the full body experience of the benefits of genre fusion, as an eerie, urging backdrop sets the stage for twisting synths and high-hitting snaps to rise and fall before settling down into a loopy, clap filled happy place. The EP is topped off with a ​Skulltrane​ remix of “​I Farted’​, where all the top tier facets of the original are faster, deeper and dizzying with perfectly twinkling spaces to wipe your brow and soothe your aching dancing feet.

Take the full EP and thank us in the morning. We hereby release any responsibility for any injuries sustained during wild, frenzied 3 am ragers.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox