MalLabel Music is amped to be ushering in tomorrow’s most mysterious producer Slagz with his dub inflected, all impressive ‘Reload.’

Blending genre like the best of MalLabel’s brethren, Slagz is clearly a risk taker in style and tastemaker in sound.

‘Reload’ is a jump across a crevasse that grabs hold of the other side just in the knick of time. To say Slagz takes perilous steps with genres with the album is an understatement, but the artist has the precise amount of skill and dexterity required to earn your trust and make sure you don’t second guess him as he carries you through a myriad of unexpected twists and turns. ‘Reload rips through dubstep, classic dub, drum and bass, big room bass, grinding synths and outer space curiosities long before the albums midpoint. Don’t let the variety overwhelm you, no matter where you end up you’ll find yourself in a space that makes sense. Slagz moves smoothly into spaced out footwork, spacious synths and understated samples. He ramps you up, and lets you rest.

Diverse yet comprehensible, experimental yet digestible, Reload is a commendable release from Slagz, an innovative and original artist we most certainly have not heard the last of.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox