MalLabel Music is kickstarting a new vision of the future this week, as Psyntimental makes a exultant
return with ‘Computer Based Science’.

A duo with a robust and well rounded history, the Michigan based producers have tapped into the tipping point of underground bass with a sound that is multi-faceted, innovative and distinctively clean. Psyntimental surpasses the ceiling that can divide west and east coast sounds.

‘Computer Based Science’ is reined intelligence, brilliant design and dirty, dirty late night memories all rolled into one. A third future bass, a third technical prowess and a third make-you-shake-it- late-night magic. ‘Computer Based Science’ becomes especially interesting after ‘!ll Sh!t’ and showcases a subtle sense of lessons learned through Psyntimental’s lifespan as artists; varied, stratified and luminous.

‘Computer Based Science’ is resplendently dank, stunningly sick and a perfect fusion of deep dirty dancefloors and technical production. The best music of today is multi-purpose; fitting just as seamlessly into a focused creation sesion as it does a writhing dance floor, and Psyntimental has created the secret in your back pocket for any worthy situation you find yourself in this autumn.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Bass Science