MalLabel Music is hyped to be heading into the frosty foray with PhLo’s label debut Tabula Rasa, a multidimensional journey into the ambient bass bins of tomorrow.

A multi-disciplinary artist, PhLo has created a cult following from his one-of-a-kind jewelry designs; enigmatic, crystal clear and speaking directly to the underground.His music clearly follows suit. Having shared the stage with Schlump & Conrank, phLo is determined, connected and stedfastly designing a stage and sound career as luminous as his jewelry designs.

Tabula Rasa sings with Colorado sound, reminiscent of dusty dancefloors and sunrise sets of wild eyed realization. A true love for the craft resounds through each track, as twinkling ominence segways into crunchy glitches, illuminating keys and a just-dirty-enough undertow to make you curious for whatever is destined to come next. The EP moves through a series of understated emotions; each track has a subdued and spacey feel, yet still rips through with a distinctly humane touch. This is a modern day hero’s journey on wobble; sometimes thrusting forward, sometimes lingering in one place but always pressing forward into an unseeable future, with dank as a guide.

If you’re looking for the next bastion of the truest underground of electronic music, one cascading over the mountains and into the ears of the most discerning bass heads, PhLo might just be it.

Artwork by Cory Martinez
Mastering by Chris Cox