This week MalLabel Music has a fresh 6-pack of cool and breezy summer vibes for you as Houston Texas’, One4All brings all the bass and beauty he is known for in his collaborative and diverse new EP for the senses.

The heat is coming early this year as we can’t seem to stop flowing as exceptional artists like One4All keep dropping all the summer jams on us as the flowers are just starting to bloom again. Now here is a man that is all about jumping into the challenge of budding new genres and filling them up until they burst out in a bloom of positive vibes in vibrant new ways. One man with the sole desire to create inspiration and unity for all people, he takes his message seriously, but music lightly with everything from deep bassy monsters to whimsical adventures through sound and time.

His latest EP, Taking Shape, opens up with ‘The Vibe’ featuring Raquel Divar in a deep and ominous party Grime tune and moves to ‘Unusual Suspects’ with Wolf-e-Wolf keeping the darkness rolling on a tripped out Trap kick. Next teaming up with Ben Al, ‘From The Jump’ takes Hip-Hop on a walk through the 808s in a tune about getting shit done as ‘Adonis’ moves to build the mood with a sweeping and sexy cruise through soundscapes. ‘Persevere’ keeps Purple alive as it continues the plot with strong rising energies and finally, ‘Sunday Swing’ takes it all home with an emotionally energetic and spacious array of layered wonders. The Glitchy, cruisin’ summer vibes are here, and all yours.

Artwork by TrsTrisme
Mastering by Paul J. Geissinger (RBOS Audio)