MalLabel Music is placing the spotlight on a crucial and challenging conversation this week, as Narkatta’s ‘Ibogaine’ drops as a rallying cry for a evolved and just approach to addiction recovery.

Pulsing from Los Angeles via New York, Narkatta is no stranger to the scene. His creative process is fueled by a desire to provide the ecstatic soundtrack to life’s peak moments. His mission? It runs much, much deeper than the music. Narkatta is steadfast on getting Ibogaine, (the West Central African herb that boasts a scientifically proven 50-80% success rate of preventing relapse in opiate users) decriminalized in the United States.

‘Ibogaine’ is directly inspired by Narkatta’s time spent as a documentary filmmaker at an underground Ibogaine clinic in Mexico. The EP a beacon of hope, a translation of the journey of healing. As far as beats, he stays true to form with sexy, long basslines, crystal clear production, emotive horn work and mumba elements. This is music with purpose: sultry, global and essential.

From illuminating dancefloors to lobbying the DEA, Narkatta is showing us all the medicine so desperately needed now; catalyzing real and tangible change through art. It’s more than time.