We’re coming in with both fists full of rich AF trap this week with a deep and dirty collaboration between Morzfeen and Drix.

Salt Lake City, Utah’s Morzfeen rose through the ranks as a DJ who first cut his chops on the turntables with Chicago hard house at 17, moving into DNB and Jungle and now has firmly cemented himself as a producer to be contended with. Drix is bass-breathren with Morzfeen in Salt Lake City’s Smoke Signals, and is a force to be reckoned with in the studio and onstage.

‘Vibration Syndrome’ is a sensual and dangerous creepshow that crypwalks the line between UK grime and the underbelly of America’s trap in a true form. In the way a master teacher can introduce new ideas by twisting our concept of the familiar, Vibration Syndrome throws bows with everything we love about west coast bass bangers, yet pulls us to the corner for a taste of 2020. The title track is hypnotising; 808s over distorted backdrops host pinging accents for head nodding fury. ‘Complex’ slows down and dives deep with MC samples, deep drops and turntable rewinds. ‘Patch Me Through’ will quickly become a festival favourite, with the grime samples, low-end horns and overall musicality that throws dusty dancefloors into a frenzy.

With the remixes that round out the ‘Vibration Syndrome’ ranging from heavy electro, to deep, mystical dub and full on DNB, this summer drop is the gift that keeps on giving.

Artwork by MorzFeeN
Mastering by MorzFeeN