MalLabel Music is traversing through the hazy Nor-Cal green triangle this week with Master Shredda’s latest trip through all things deep down, wompy and dirty.

Shredda’s sound speaks legions to the culture he is surrounded with: classic old school heavy Cali bass with a twist of relentless trap and a peppering of glitchy, clicky womp. His productions are distinct and always strike curiosity Just when you think you’ve pegged a song or can expect the next drop, line break or tempo change, Shredda has an uncanny ability to flip your perspective and shatter your expectations.

‘Purrquoise’ comes in like a lamb and leaves like a bass hungry frothy mouthed lion. The beginning of the EP is filled with spacious synth hits, twinkling ambient backgrounds, and hypnotising symphonic samples. Careful to never let the listener get lulled into predictability, a well cadenced deep end grinds in the background as a taste of things to come. As ‘Purrquoise’ hits the midpoint, we’re swimming in trap and glitch and as we arrive triumphantly at the album’s single ‘Drop Down Dirty’, it’s a wompy, wobbly, snapping cascade of booty popping, head banging, knee breaking dancefloor bangers until the very end.

In a world of genre bending, rule breaking and cross pollination, it’s clear that Masta Shredda is waving the California flag strongly for all this beautiful state has brought to the glowing genre of dank bass.

Artwork by Nathaniel Parrott
Mastering by Peter Farr