Break out your hyphy dancing shoes and throw your hands up cuz we have a very special Malmix 13, featuring the one and only Smasheltooth!

With this Bass-Heavy monster mix, she reminds us all again who’s the boss bass babe that’s too Nasty for some stages!

The mix features scorching selections from her biggest influences and personal favorites, including tracks from her upcoming album, “Smashel of Liberty”, a revolutionary project that celebrates self-expression, motherhood, and the power of music.

Featuring a bass-heavy mashup of genres from Hip-Hop, Glitch Hop & Hyphy, to Dubstep, Indie and Breaks, Smasheltooth’s debut album keeps it fresh with her signature unapologetic and unique goofy style and witty vocals. And of course, huuuge 808’s!

Filled with stellar vocal performances from the legendary Rappin 4 Tay as well as, RAAQEL, Annie Dolly, Source Zero & Zaterday , this LP pushes the boundaries of sound and culture alike.

The album track, “Archa,” a collaboration with Disgo featuring Source Zero , kicks off the mix with a bang! showcasing her raw talent and ability to weave together different styles into a cohesive sound.

Smashel of Liberty takes risks, breaks rules, and challenges conventions through its infectious energy and thought-provoking commentary on the state of modern America, while providing a positive message of hope and alchemy.

This mix is a perfect showcase of her incredible talent and her message of positivity and empowerment.

So turn up, get stoopid and get ready to bounce with MalMix 13!

DM for a .wav download