This week MalLabel Music is taking you back to the West to get your ears dirty on the psychedelic as Medford, Oregon’s rising star, Universal Language brings us a distorted glimpse into the ominous language of space and time.

The saga of that one music festival that changes a life continues as, Peek Levels, born out of Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture only last year, broke out of the 9 to 5 to drop a whopping 15 track album on us by January. Driven by a chance to show his children that we can accomplish anything our heart desires if we but dedicate ourselves and put in the work, he continues to expand the boundaries of his musical vocabulary in developing his own unique expression. That dedication hasn’t stopped and as the festival season winds down he’s already back with another EP full of alien communications before the year is out.

His newest EP, Universal Language, is an attestation of our ability to communicate the most complex of emotions and energies through sound without the need for words. As with the most experienced of Experimental Bass Music producers, he takes an innovative and even radical direction off the rails entirely with a collection of raw, avant-garde, and apocalyptic noise manipulated into rhythmic alien soundscapes. These grimy transmissions flow from slow, deliberate chop, to psychedelic machines, and through the aether taking us on a ride through his dark and dirty mind via direct brain interface. Earthling Grime falling short? Maybe it’s time to take it extrasolar.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox