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Carrying her musical influences from her early years as an instrumentalist and singer, Salusa brings a refreshing blend of culturally diverse instrumentation & deep, wobbling basslines to the EDM landscape.

Her productions focus on finding a harmonious blend of epic,  low frequency soundscapes combined with gritty, snarling synths.

Will Remain is highly influenced by the Dune novels, the title  comes from the mantra recited throughout the books, often by strong female characters, in facing their fears.

“Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain” 

“Will Remain” is a reflection inward, to trust ourselves, our strengths, and the vast unknowns that have yet to come.

TrebleTina: Serenity Pre-Order available now!

TrebleTina: Serenity Pre-Order available now!

The first release from the Digital Landscapes Compilation, TrebleTina’s Dazzling “Serenity”  is now available for pre-order.  Official Release July 29th, 2022.


Space Opera Compilation Out Now

Space Opera Compilation Out Now

Space Opera – The Story continues

In a crushing blow to the empire, illegal bass is being distributed furiously throughout the neo world underground and the regime has lost control.

The Rebellion has spread like wildfire & the galaxy is in turmoil as more and more humans begin to spread underground bass transmissions and the evil empire is powerless to stop it.

Six Bass warriors from different reaches of the galaxy will become forever intertwined in a series of events that only fate itself could have foretold, and accidentally find themselves changing the course of Bass history.

March 18th 5PM PST -MALCon 2022

March 18th 5PM PST -MALCon 2022

A Digital Bass Music Seminar featuring a small sampling of MalLabel artists & collaborators with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the music industry that will also provide insights into artist development, marketing, touring, management, and overall brand building.

Welcome to MALCon!

MalCon will feature speakers:

Kerry Fiero, Steffen Franz, Hisham Dahud, Lauren Banks + Brittany Heit (CouchFam), Beat Kitty, Smasheltooth, RAAQEL, & Illexxandra

And, of course, Mal Fung, owner of MalLabel Music!

This event also highlights some brand new music from MalLabel including our new Space Opera EP

MalMix 11:  G’Thulu now on Soundcloud

MalMix 11: G’Thulu now on Soundcloud

Thank you all for your support on Bandcamp!

Now that the ancient one’s hunger for commission-free pre-sales is sated, it has declared that its trilogy, gthulu.summon.exe, will be released to all streaming platforms & beyond, this Friday Sept 3rd.

And we are celebrating this unholy distribution with an absolutely crushing Midtempo MalMix 11! This mix is an absolute treat from beginning to end. This is the soundtrack to the futuristic adventure Sci-Fi Horror film you never knew you were dying to see. So strap in and get ready for a wild ride thru a Dystopian world not even Lovecraft could conjure!

Long live G’Thulu!

Only from MalLabel Music



Heavy Traffic Traffic Recordings Boss and Bad Gyal selector, LB brings us this month’s MalMix with a Mad mix of Heavy, Deep Dubstep, Grime and Jungle Bass vibes!

LB is a necessary staple of any major Bass event and one of the best selectors on the planet. She has been a part of underground music scene in America for 20 years as a promoter, a musician/vocalist and dj.

In addition, she started ELEVATE Management in 2011, and alongside her husband, Konfusion, they started Santa Cruz Dubstep Crew.

They have hosted Heavy Traffic Radio on (UK) since 2008, which is the longest running American-hosted show, and eventually formed into the record label.

Check out Heavy Traffic Radio on Sat nights 7pm pacific!

We are absolutely giddy with excitement to have her contribute to our repertoire!

So smash that play button, light one up and secure everything in the room because the bass is going to rrrrumble!

And if you want to see how the West is won, checkout the live video of her mix here on our youtube channel

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Cosmal:  Infinite Divine Re-Release

Cosmal: Infinite Divine Re-Release

Out now!

Cosmal’s Infinite Divine album Re-Release features a Worldly & mystical aural palette with elements of Dub, Trip Hop, Funk & World Bass delivered with live instrumentation and soaring vocals!


A stunning work you will want with you on your next drive thru the infinite!

MalMix 9: Mr. Jennings

MalMix 9: Mr. Jennings

Mr. Jennings is less your typical DJ/Producer with a controller in a onesie, and more of a sophisticated vehicle for the delivery of squidges, squooshes, bleeps, blops, and other peculiar sounds best administered through a wall of subwoofers at an assembly of gyrating humanoids.

Indeed, Mr. Jennings’ sets are legendary from coast to coast and internationally, and we’re very, very excited to have him generate his unique, healing halftime and leftfield bass sounds for your ears!

And in case you’re unfamiliar with the sound, here is a key from Wikipedia:

Sounds like:
“a psychedelic after-school Satan Club for Furiosas and Lost Boys”

See also: “going to a fancy southern banquet to drink malt liquor out of plastic gasoline jugs”

So, wherever you are, clear some floor space, hit that play button and hold on!

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Set List

1. Chrome Republic – Hucci Harvest
2. Buzz Junior & Kizer – Work
3. Mr Jennings – Unimatrix 808 (forthcoming)
4. Ancient Mermaids – Skrilla
5. Mr Jennings – Yeetwave
6. Subp Yao – Tricks
7. Chee. – Fight Club w/ Mr. Carmack
8. Dope – Major Threats (DJ Ride remix)
9. Gaszia – Machina
10. Run the Jewels – OOH LA LA (Pigeon Hole edit)
11. Subp Yao – Backwitda (Illexxandra remix)
12. Mr Jennings & Illexxandra – The Ceremony
13. Ashez – Sound
14. Mr Jennings – Part of the Job (forthcoming)
15. Buzz Junior – Side 2 Side
16. Lasse & Drak – Motorola
17. LYNY – Freak
18. COPYCATT – Low Ride
19. Mr Jennings – Feline Intervention (forthcoming)
20. Mr Jennings – Sizzurp Shake (forthcoming)
21. Mr Jennings – Stumblebooty
22. Sahraya J – Say Less (Mr Jennings remix)
23. COPYCATT – Steecey
24. Gehens & Giro – Ice Tea
25. Galaxy & Boybap
26. Graver Ekow – Santa (produced by Mr Jennings & Illexxandra)

Neo Noir Vol 4:  Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

Neo Noir Vol 4: Beat Kitty “Kosmic Kittens”

“Kosmic Kittens” is the last wave of assault on the empire with a Worldy, bouncing, HEAVY Dancehall riddim punctuated by DubBY melodic elements and deep, deep, booty-shaking bass. This track is at once dark and hopeful. A perfect balance of textures that conjures images of feline humanoids fighting for our future in zero Gravity.

Download before the evil empire intercepts