Drezza – Lookin For The Stars ft. Badmon Bishop

Drezza – Lookin For The Stars ft. Badmon Bishop

MalLabel Music MalLabel Music is dropping a baller single to keep your system bumping through the holiday season as Drezza and Badmon Bishop keep on ‘Lookin’ For The Stars.’

Drezza is a longstanding pal of MalLabel and influencer of the sun-soaked bass scene of southern California. Known for unique, dirty, hip-hop influenced beats, Drezza has a charisma that is hard to ignore and translates into pulsating dancefloors and dedicated fans.

Badmon Bishop has collaborated with the who’s who of west coast bass, among them ill.Gates, Mimosa, Shlump, Trevor Kelly and many more. Releasing on DeadBeats, Muti Music and ShadowTrix Music before arriving at MalLabel, Badmon Bishop boasts a prolific catalogue of genre-bending production.

Expect inspiring lyricism, two-step patterning, tasteful big room synths, enthusiastic horns and an underlying street worthy feel that begs to be bumped on the subs in your car. Infinitely danceable, and laced with addictive hooks. Roll heavy on this one, it’s an instant feel-good classic.

Mastering by Greg Orelmans
Artwork edit by Skulltrane



Slagz – Diffuse ft. Suspect Bitch

Slagz – Diffuse ft. Suspect Bitch

MalLabel Music is amped to be ushering in tomorrow’s most mysterious producer Slagz with his dub inflected, all impressive ‘Reload.’

Blending genre like the best of MalLabel’s brethren, Slagz is clearly a risk taker in style and tastemaker in sound.

‘Reload’ is a jump across a crevasse that grabs hold of the other side just in the knick of time. To say Slagz takes perilous steps with genres with the album is an understatement, but the artist has the precise amount of skill and dexterity required to earn your trust and make sure you don’t second guess him as he carries you through a myriad of unexpected twists and turns. ‘Reload rips through dubstep, classic dub, drum and bass, big room bass, grinding synths and outer space curiosities long before the albums midpoint. Don’t let the variety overwhelm you, no matter where you end up you’ll find yourself in a space that makes sense. Slagz moves smoothly into spaced out footwork, spacious synths and understated samples. He ramps you up, and lets you rest.

Diverse yet comprehensible, experimental yet digestible, Reload is a commendable release from Slagz, an innovative and original artist we most certainly have not heard the last of.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox





MalLabel Music is bringing that top-tier bass front and center this week as N.O.X drops in with ‘High Strangeness’.

Hailing from Southern Oregon, N.O.X is absolutely on the mark of the future pacing upswing in international bass music. Having collaborated with the notorious We Got This Music and rubbed creative elbows with west coast’s vanguard of next-level bass royalty, he’s positioned to become a household name before long. N.O.X has played alongside the likes of Machinedrum, Low Riderz, Panty Raid and Vibesquad and hosting Wake The Town kingpins Danny Corn, Barisone and Danny Corn at his monthly Ashland bass nights.

‘High Strangeness’ is aptly titled as the EP reflects the high-brow bass sounds that are sweeping the world in the last 10 years. Leaving wompy big room nonsense behind, N.O.X has traded in stereotypes for skill as he blends footwork, technical snares and chirpy dark patterning into a high-gloss powerhit of halftime clicks. Eerie, rolling synths and the perfect amount of UK inflected sampling makes this short but powerful album one that is sure to open big doors for N.O.X. The title track is infectious; a blend between dub elements, high frequency arrangements and dancefloor igniting bass.

N.O.X is an artist on an impeccable trajectory, following in the footsteps of all those making major waves for those in the know in the bass scene today.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox


Masta Shredda – Drop Down Dirty

Masta Shredda – Drop Down Dirty

MalLabel Music is traversing through the hazy Nor-Cal green triangle this week with Master Shredda’s latest trip through all things deep down, wompy and dirty.

Shredda’s sound speaks legions to the culture he is surrounded with: classic old school heavy Cali bass with a twist of relentless trap and a peppering of glitchy, clicky womp. His productions are distinct and always strike curiosity Just when you think you’ve pegged a song or can expect the next drop, line break or tempo change, Shredda has an uncanny ability to flip your perspective and shatter your expectations.

‘Purrquoise’ comes in like a lamb and leaves like a bass hungry frothy mouthed lion. The beginning of the EP is filled with spacious synth hits, twinkling ambient backgrounds, and hypnotising symphonic samples. Careful to never let the listener get lulled into predictability, a well cadenced deep end grinds in the background as a taste of things to come. As ‘Purrquoise’ hits the midpoint, we’re swimming in trap and glitch and as we arrive triumphantly at the album’s single ‘Drop Down Dirty’, it’s a wompy, wobbly, snapping cascade of booty popping, head banging, knee breaking dancefloor bangers until the very end.

In a world of genre bending, rule breaking and cross pollination, it’s clear that Masta Shredda is waving the California flag strongly for all this beautiful state has brought to the glowing genre of dank bass.

Artwork by Nathaniel Parrott
Mastering by Peter Farr


Bionik – Spread My Wings

Bionik – Spread My Wings

MalLabel is dipping once again into the league of masters as Bionik returns with ‘Animated’, one of his most intriguing and refined releases to date.

Known for his technical wizardry, Bionik’s multi-instrumental aptitude has found him alongside some of the 20th and 21st century’s most legendary producers, and catapulted his music through blockbuster movies, chart topping releases and absolutely unbelievable dancefloors.

‘Animated’ is decidedly unexpected; circus-esque toy sounds sashay into wompy, big room explosions of sound. Like a story of forgotten dystopian toys come to life just in time to get freaky at an underground party, this EP is an intoxicating delight. Bionik has an insatiable knack for mixing familiar elements into something that lands wildly fresh, yet comfortably familiar. Each track is complex, fascinating and distinct from the next, yet smoothly weaving into an overarching joyful narrative. Expect shoulder clicking, head-nodding synths, juicy low depths and surprising samples that rope you in and leave you hitting repeat, repeat, repeat. By the time Bionik takes us through ‘Dub Whys’ mid EP, we’re swimming in classic dub riddims with dancehall underlays, gazing back at the quirky horizon where we once began.

They say experts make it look easy, and the blood sweat and tears Bionik has put in over his career translate into effortless ability with ‘Animated’. Wildly accessible yet varied enough for the most discerning ears, this is a legendary drop from a legend.


Prismada – Pollex

Prismada – Pollex

MalLabel Music is elated to be hosting Prismada’s ‘Deformata’; and taste the space where beauty blends with junglist heaven.

Brethren to many of MalLabel’s heaviest hitters, Prismada is a relatively new project for the storied producer. Having shared the stage with the likes of Liquid Stranger, Esseks, Stylust beats, Manic Focus & Quixotic, Prisamada is now packing venues with his namesake alone. Mastering the often elusive skill of high quality, technical production with an uncanny ability to read the room, Prismada is becoming akin to an explosion; every action sending pulsewaves into the scene that ripple outward and onwards.

To speak of ‘Deformata’ is to paint a picture of future, a trait Prismada shares with so many MalLabel artists. The EP opens with technique that exemplifies a transition between scenes; a fusion between genres. In an era where so many ‘push play’ artists have forgotten those who came before, it’s clear Prismada has done his research and paid his dues. As the album reaches the middle section, the listener is awash in advanced drum and bass patterning that waxes reminiscent of the early scene in England, yet future focuses with curiosity igniting chirps, waves and gaps. Rhythmatic, delicious and delirious, ‘Deformata’ is girthy and long enough to sink one’s teeth into, a welcome addition to any afficindaos library.

Meeting the needs of those with highly informed taste and satisfying the dancefloor urges of culture heads, ‘Deformata’ is a standout release.

Artwork by DELTAnine
Mastering by Chris Cox


Psyntimental – Beginning To Process

Psyntimental – Beginning To Process

MalLabel Music is kickstarting a new vision of the future this week, as Psyntimental makes a exultant
return with ‘Computer Based Science’.

A duo with a robust and well rounded history, the Michigan based producers have tapped into the tipping point of underground bass with a sound that is multi-faceted, innovative and distinctively clean. Psyntimental surpasses the ceiling that can divide west and east coast sounds.

‘Computer Based Science’ is reined intelligence, brilliant design and dirty, dirty late night memories all rolled into one. A third future bass, a third technical prowess and a third make-you-shake-it- late-night magic. ‘Computer Based Science’ becomes especially interesting after ‘!ll Sh!t’ and showcases a subtle sense of lessons learned through Psyntimental’s lifespan as artists; varied, stratified and luminous.

‘Computer Based Science’ is resplendently dank, stunningly sick and a perfect fusion of deep dirty dancefloors and technical production. The best music of today is multi-purpose; fitting just as seamlessly into a focused creation sesion as it does a writhing dance floor, and Psyntimental has created the secret in your back pocket for any worthy situation you find yourself in this autumn.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Bass Science


PhLo – The Pharoah Step

PhLo – The Pharoah Step

MalLabel Music is hyped to be heading into the frosty foray with PhLo’s label debut Tabula Rasa, a multidimensional journey into the ambient bass bins of tomorrow.

A multi-disciplinary artist, PhLo has created a cult following from his one-of-a-kind jewelry designs; enigmatic, crystal clear and speaking directly to the underground.His music clearly follows suit. Having shared the stage with Schlump & Conrank, phLo is determined, connected and stedfastly designing a stage and sound career as luminous as his jewelry designs.

Tabula Rasa sings with Colorado sound, reminiscent of dusty dancefloors and sunrise sets of wild eyed realization. A true love for the craft resounds through each track, as twinkling ominence segways into crunchy glitches, illuminating keys and a just-dirty-enough undertow to make you curious for whatever is destined to come next. The EP moves through a series of understated emotions; each track has a subdued and spacey feel, yet still rips through with a distinctly humane touch. This is a modern day hero’s journey on wobble; sometimes thrusting forward, sometimes lingering in one place but always pressing forward into an unseeable future, with dank as a guide.

If you’re looking for the next bastion of the truest underground of electronic music, one cascading over the mountains and into the ears of the most discerning bass heads, PhLo might just be it.

Artwork by Cory Martinez
Mastering by Chris Cox


HDrizzle – Their Realm

HDrizzle – Their Realm

From the depths of the frozen north, HDrizzle is cruising into the season of darkness with a fresh three hitter of glitch infused bass house to take us deep into the witching hour. Cutting his teeth on the Canadian underground circuit for the past few years, HDrizzle has featured on SubFM, collaborated with SubSound and Euphoric to name a few.

With a sound that is undeniably bass house infused with wobble, glitchy and low end treats, HDrizzle’s’ music is evocative of the best aspects of bass music as it moves into the future, deep, dirty dancefloor bangers that are exquisitely well produced.

If HDrizzle is any indicator of the dankness emerging from Alberta, we’ll want to keep our eyes on Canadian bass for years to come.

Artwork by DELTAnine
Mastering by Killmidi


Wubson – Sonneillon

Wubson – Sonneillon

MalLabel Music is summoning the dark spirits of filthy AF bass, just in time for Halloween. Wubson’s return to the label is dark, demonic and a study of womp in all the right ways.

The Boston based producer has had an incredible year, from his epic ‘Fish Gotta Swim’ release on MalLabel earlier in 2018 to a slew of packed shows and being hand selected for the mammoth official J.French OGB remixes, Wubson shows no sign of slowing. Ever devoted to carving out his unique niche, the producer has become synonymous with exploring the dark side of the human psyche and catalyzing his music to get him through.

‘Demonology’ is as to be expected, a deep and thematic release. Paired with a sequence of videos that explore the battle between good and evil in a classic hollywood sense, this EP deserves a repeat play (or 6) to really glean the full scope of the science behind the sound. ‘Demonology’ also reads like a DJ’s winter 2019 dream; heavy womps, quick pacing glitches, wicked footwork and creative use of horns, snares and vocal samples make this a secret weapon for those dedicated to exacting the new sounds for live shows.

Make sure your system is up to the challenge before testing out ‘Demonology’, it will most certainly rattle your bass bins and has a high potential of stealing your soul.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox


Aversive – Test You ft Bvitae

Aversive – Test You ft Bvitae

THE NEPTUNE PROJECT EP: smarturl.it/AversiveNeptune

MalLabel Music is elated to be welcoming back one of our favourite high end, intelligent producers Aversive with another beautiful expedition of trip hop glory.

Long creating magic in her studio in the misty mountains of British Columbia, a lack of distraction clearly plays to her benefit as she has churned out 12 releases over 3 years, with The Neptune Project being one of the most refined and cerebral productions yet. The decision to pair with another Canadian gem Bvitae has elevated Aversive’s sound to a new range of symphonic mastery.

‘The Neptune Project’ is in essence, a breath of absolute fresh air. Orchestral horns, chilled out snares and soothing, feminine vocals weave through a sultry and mature lounge of modern kaleidoscopic jazz. The EP is decidedly smooth and extremely well produced, a meeting of time and place. How can a sound establish itself at once at the absolute forefront of the west coast’s future scene and in smokey east coast venues of 1990’s Massive Attack mayhem? Aversive and Bvitae have managed to break through to quantum experimental levels that feel familiar and yet so incredibly new.

Goodbye bro-step, later big-room bass; there’s a new movement of gentle, refined electronica arriving and Aversive and Bvitae are sensuously leading the revolution.

Mastering by Chris Cox


ZeroGravity – Cathedral Square

ZeroGravity – Cathedral Square

MalLabel Music is thrilled to be welcoming back Zero Gravity, one of our most prolific and skilled producers with the finale of an incredible series with ‘ Last Quarter’.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Zero Gravity is a project that prides itself on true creativity, never bowing to trends or what big sound system and the corporate EDM monsters are hungry for. This dedication has hardly hindered his success, as his free range Ableton sets spread like wildfire around the web and the Midwest.

If an alien crash landed in an urban center, received an immediate download of the past 20 years of beatmaking and transported his skills back to his home planet, ‘Last Quarter’ would be the soundscape created. Equally robotic and hyphy, interstellar and down to earth grimy, ‘Last Quarter’ is a meeting of worlds. The EP impresses as incredibly intelligent and well conceived, as technical clicks, synths and snares create an immersive sonic experience that truly transports.

Perhaps most impressive is Zero Gravity’s ability to stay true to vision and augment his sound without ever deviating from the edges of hyperspace, innovative bass music and chirpy, otherworldly wonder.

Artwork by Jeegan
Mastering by Chris Cox


KNGSPRNGS – Obnoxious Ft Cy Kosis

KNGSPRNGS – Obnoxious Ft Cy Kosis

MalLabel Music is hosting the long awaited label debut of the West Coast’s premiere dancer/DJ KNGSPRNGS with the subtle and carefully constructed #DOE.

His career in dance and music has taken him from sweltering studios in Texas to the stages of Coachella, LIB, Bass Coast and Shambhala, finally landimng him in L.A where #DOE was conceptualized. SPRNGS hustles daily in DTLA to introduce the EDM world to a producer who choreographs innovative, cutting edge dance performances to his original beats.

#DOE, or Diversity Over Everything is strong, dark invitation. Distinctively west-coast, the entire EP has an eerie, tenacious feel that’s as hard to put your finger on as it is to put down. KNGSPRNGS weaves symphonic synths, glitchy undertones and arpeggiating drum patterns to paint the soundscape of grit and perseverance that surrounded the artist as he journeyed through the highs and perilous lows of a life lived exclusively for one’s own vision.

Each track paired with inspired, well done dance videos that illuminate KNGSPRNGS nefarious intention to create the first Lemonade of EDM culture. Letting your eyes or ears wander from this one would be a grievous mistake.

Artwork by DELTAnine
Mastering by Chris Cox


Glass Cannon – It Aint Today

Glass Cannon – It Aint Today

MalLabel Music is proud to be welcoming back Texas’s premiere fusion innovators with a triumphant return as ‘The Land Of Echo’ stretches sound and conception barriers.

Glass Cannon’s release ‘First Expanse’ was a juggernaut on MalLabel this spring and the trio’s innovation and technical prowess has layered upon itself for an incredible journey through the possibilities of collaboration and experimentation.

‘The Land Of Echo’ is a delightful surprise: otherworldly eastern elements surge into hella inspirational hip-hop and twist round into antiquing carnival-esque soundscapes. Yep, it happens. It’s better than could ever be expected. Features by APOTH, Father Figure and Knight of Water lend each track such incredible diversity onto itself that the EP leaves the listener jaw dropped and drooling. With a subtle and enduring strength, Glass Cannon hypnotizes, galvanizes, and echos the human experience together with jazzy mastery.

Truly original, impossible to put in a corner and doggedly reinventive, ‘The Land of Echo’ is a profound release from musical shapeshifters. You have definitely not heard the last of Glass Cannon.

Artwok by Jeegan