MalMix 14: Ashby Out Now~!

MalMix 14: Ashby Out Now~!

As the newest star to grace the illustrious MalLabel universe, Ashby Soundz ( @ashbysoundz ) is no stranger to the pulsating heart of the underground bass scene that thrives on the West Coast.

Emerging from the vibrant and electric LA club scene where she honed her unique sound, Ashby brings you MalMix 14 — a one-hour auditory journey that promises a transcendental exploration of worlds, genres, and tempos, a true embodiment of the Melange’s addictive allure.

In this mix, Ashby crafts soundscapes fueled by the intergalactic pulse of heavy bass that resonates with the “Freqs”, the souls who find solace and dance in the fusion of cosmic realms. It is within this space that Ashby engineers a masterful blend of down-tempo rhythms, rich with Bass Music culture that is both fierce and introspective.

Welcome to the family, Ashby. And welcome to the pulsating, vibrant, and unyielding world of #BassCulture.

Listen to the Melange Freq Comp:


Mac Miller Clubhouse Remix- Tape B

Back & Forth – Just John

Asap Rocky Purple Swag Flip – Tape B

Chkn Fckr – ASHBY

Offmyd-ck – Runnit

Skrillex & Nero “Promises” Remix – KUREI

FakeIDflip – Jordnmoody

Key Glock Flip – Tape B X Smith.

Knife Talk Flip – L_o_J

Headspace – Robu

Give Them Light – viiiralbeats

Goin Down Remix – ASHBY

Backoftheclass – wasteurself & Gurf

Colliding Forces – ADAME

Two Bad Bitches – ASHBY

Sour Pash Kid – Dankhai Shroom

Jump – Goldscrolls

Huna ‘9mm’ – RAPRAVE

Munch – Ice Spice (KUREI FLIP)

Low – Robu

Croc’s at Wimbledon- Pop Tha Trunk x Blanck

Viiiralbeats x flozone – candy paint

I threw up in my mouth a lil – wasteurself

VA – Melange Freq Out Now!

VA – Melange Freq Out Now!

With an unyielding passion for nurturing emerging raw talent, MalLabel Music has consistently been ahead of the curve, propelling artists like The Widdler, G Jones, Minnesota, Of the Trees & many more to the spotlight long before they became household names in the bass music world

Our unwavering commitment to cultivating the next generation of heavy bass music has set us apart as a true tastemaker in the industry and we are proud to present our next compilation of emerging stars.


From the far reaches of the cosmos, a generation of spice-addicted renegades emerges, craving the mesmerizing effects of the coveted substance known as Melange.

Fueling their desire to dance and surrender to the pulse of heavy intergalactic bass, these intrepid souls, or “Freqs” have learned to use the weirding voice to create and find solace in the fusion of worlds, genres and tempos

From the scorching deserts of Arrakis to the pulsating heart of interstellar raves, comes a compilation that transcends boundaries & embodies the addictive allure of Melange.


Johnny 5 
a founding father of the Bay Area Dubstep scene who launched the iconic “Ritual” event in 2009 & later established the successful Bass music label, Irie Cartel Recordings in 2013

A spice-induced shift in inspiration in 2021 saw Johnny cultivating a love for Tech & Bass House, illustrated by his stomper, ‘Jack My Style’

a rising figure in Free-Form Bass Music, who synthesizes diverse influences into a unique fusion of Space-bass & sub-rattling Deep Dubstep.

Like his track, ‘No Problems’, the result is an unmistakably underground sound that retains an alien, otherworldly quality, likely inspired by a rumored alien abduction.

ASHBY  – an eclectic artist with a truly unique sound & a knack for transforming life’s adversities into art. By pouring her experiences into her music, she creates fierce compositions that evoke both introspection & tenacity, as evidenced by the scorching ‘Two Bad Bitches’

a boundary-pushing artist specializing in Midtempo whose dark, cyberpunk-infused sound design draws inspiration from the dark arts and mystical energies. His track, Apocalipsis 6:8 is no exception.

an incredibly talented & versatile artist, has been making waves with his unique blend of trap, bass, dubstep, dnb & everything in between.

‘Game On!’, his collaboration with @kylegoldstein, showcases his skillful production and ability to combine catchy melodies with hard-hitting drops, perfectly matching Kyle’s vocal ferocity.

has dedicated countless hours developing his distinctive sound & continues to push boundaries in the Bass Music industry with each release.

He has graced major festivals like Moonrise & Lost Lands, blowing away audiences alongside renowned acts like Skrillex & Excision. His track is an absolute earworm that will not leave your brain, but ‘Don’t Panic’, just move rhythmically!

Smasheltooth – Smashel of Liberty Out Now!

Smasheltooth – Smashel of Liberty Out Now!

Yay Areeeeaaaaaaaa!   

The time has finally come! 💥  (click the image to listen)

It’s International Womens Day & Smasheltooth’s debut release, “Smashel of Liberty” is OUT NOW streaming on all major platforms! 🚀

She has poured her heart and soul into this project and we’re beyond hyped to share it with y’all! 🙏

Featuring the talents of:

Annie Dolly, RAAQEL, Source Zero, Rappin 4-Tay, ZaterdayLabRat, Salokin, The Professor, Disgo, Lowgritt, Treyzilla & Sosay

Shout Out to:

Nico Luminous & Omega for mastering, and Made Fresh Crew for the incredible artwork

👊Yay Areaaaaa! Let’s ride this wave together, get stoopid and spread some good vibes 🔥🔥!


MalMix 13 – Smasheltooth is LIVE

MalMix 13 – Smasheltooth is LIVE

Break out your hyphy dancing shoes and throw your hands up cuz we have a very special Malmix 13, featuring the one and only Smasheltooth!

With this Bass-Heavy monster mix, she reminds us all again who’s the boss bass babe that’s too Nasty for some stages!

The mix features scorching selections from her biggest influences and personal favorites, including tracks from her upcoming album, “Smashel of Liberty”, a revolutionary project that celebrates self-expression, motherhood, and the power of music.

Featuring a bass-heavy mashup of genres from Hip-Hop, Glitch Hop & Hyphy, to Dubstep, Indie and Breaks, Smasheltooth’s debut album keeps it fresh with her signature unapologetic and unique goofy style and witty vocals. And of course, huuuge 808’s!

Filled with stellar vocal performances from the legendary Rappin 4 Tay as well as, RAAQEL, Annie Dolly, Source Zero & Zaterday , this LP pushes the boundaries of sound and culture alike.

The album track, “Archa,” a collaboration with Disgo featuring Source Zero , kicks off the mix with a bang! showcasing her raw talent and ability to weave together different styles into a cohesive sound.

Smashel of Liberty takes risks, breaks rules, and challenges conventions through its infectious energy and thought-provoking commentary on the state of modern America, while providing a positive message of hope and alchemy.

This mix is a perfect showcase of her incredible talent and her message of positivity and empowerment.

So turn up, get stoopid and get ready to bounce with MalMix 13!

DM for a .wav download

Fowl Manor – Holly Short EP is Out Now

Fowl Manor – Holly Short EP is Out Now

Welcome to Fowl Manor, where adventure and sound go hand in hand!

“Holly Short” is based on the inspiring character from the Artemis Fowl series and it’s pure, four on the floor high energy vibes!

Holly is a brave, confident, justice-seeking badass Fairie with a pilot’s license and an uncanny eye for shooting!

Starting up, “Doodah Day” is the perfect house music track for those seeking out something light and airy but still grounded in infectious beats. Its minimalistic structure is complemented by its bouncy energy and evocative narrative at its core.

Next, “Neutrino 2000” jumps you into the future with high energy beats and fairy-like synths reminiscent of Holly’s favorite weapon.

Finally, the banger, “The Last Guardian” follows the transformation of an unsung hero as they sacrifice everything for the greater good. This melodic adventure with tribal melodies and heavy bass lines, is not to be missed!

Come join MalLabel on the journey into the magical world of Fowl Manor on Bandcamp!



[Click the image to listen]

Finally compiled in full, Digital Landscapes is available on all platforms just in time for your Halloween sets & playlists!  

Only from MalLabel Music 

Symmetry: ‘Hit Em With The’ OUT NOW!

Symmetry: ‘Hit Em With The’ OUT NOW!

[Click the image to listen]

The final piece of Digital Voltron!
The lynchpin of the Digital Landscapes Compilation is Symmetry’s ‘Hit Em With The’ – An electrifying & contagious piece of LeftField Bass that hits you right in the !

North Carolina – based producer Symmetry draws inspiration from bass music artists such as Rezz, Eprom, Mersiv, Of the Trees & Clozee, and combines these influences with his own affinity for ethereal & ominous sci-fi soundscapes.

Symmetry has created his own unique sound hete, and it’s one that blends in perfectly with the MalLabel Aesthetic and the Digital Landscapes compilation!

We’re proud to have this up and comer on board!


Shelajit: Reallo Out Now!

Shelajit: Reallo Out Now!


SHELAJIT’S REALLO invites you into the void to experience sonically

the beauty of EMPTINESS!

The next track from the Digital Landscapes Compilation

Click the image to listen

Woman-Powered Bass Music

MalMix 12:  Salusa

MalMix 12: Salusa

Salusa demonstrates why she captured the #2 Spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Deep Dubstep tracks with this blistering mix of Deep, Dark, Grimy Dubs. So dive in, roll it up and, if you’ve got subs, tie down everything in the room!

Only from MalLabel. Woman-Powered Bass Music.



Out tomorrow!

Click the image to Listen

Our first release from our new partners
Pyramind Audio Production
talent pool!





Carrying her musical influences from her early years as an instrumentalist and singer, Salusa brings a refreshing blend of culturally diverse instrumentation & deep, wobbling basslines to the EDM landscape.

Her productions focus on finding a harmonious blend of epic,  low frequency soundscapes combined with gritty, snarling synths.

Will Remain is highly influenced by the Dune novels, the title  comes from the mantra recited throughout the books, often by strong female characters, in facing their fears.

“Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain” 

“Will Remain” is a reflection inward, to trust ourselves, our strengths, and the vast unknowns that have yet to come.

TrebleTina: Serenity Pre-Order available now!

TrebleTina: Serenity Pre-Order available now!

The first release from the Digital Landscapes Compilation, TrebleTina’s Dazzling “Serenity”  is now available for pre-order.  Official Release July 29th, 2022.


Space Opera Compilation Out Now

Space Opera Compilation Out Now

Space Opera – The Story continues

In a crushing blow to the empire, illegal bass is being distributed furiously throughout the neo world underground and the regime has lost control.

The Rebellion has spread like wildfire & the galaxy is in turmoil as more and more humans begin to spread underground bass transmissions and the evil empire is powerless to stop it.

Six Bass warriors from different reaches of the galaxy will become forever intertwined in a series of events that only fate itself could have foretold, and accidentally find themselves changing the course of Bass history.