MalLabel Music is hosting the long awaited label debut of the West Coast’s premiere dancer/DJ KNGSPRNGS with the subtle and carefully constructed #DOE.

His career in dance and music has taken him from sweltering studios in Texas to the stages of Coachella, LIB, Bass Coast and Shambhala, finally landimng him in L.A where #DOE was conceptualized. SPRNGS hustles daily in DTLA to introduce the EDM world to a producer who choreographs innovative, cutting edge dance performances to his original beats.

#DOE, or Diversity Over Everything is strong, dark invitation. Distinctively west-coast, the entire EP has an eerie, tenacious feel that’s as hard to put your finger on as it is to put down. KNGSPRNGS weaves symphonic synths, glitchy undertones and arpeggiating drum patterns to paint the soundscape of grit and perseverance that surrounded the artist as he journeyed through the highs and perilous lows of a life lived exclusively for one’s own vision.

Each track paired with inspired, well done dance videos that illuminate KNGSPRNGS nefarious intention to create the first Lemonade of EDM culture. Letting your eyes or ears wander from this one would be a grievous mistake.

Artwork by DELTAnine
Mastering by Chris Cox