This week MalLabel Music is blessed to bring you some fresh, new, and high vibin’ Future Bass as Nashville, Tennessee’s, KELLR shows off the power of his musical inspirations to skyrocket the energy of three of his collected vocalists.

KELLR has been composing music since childhood where the piano was a mainstay in his family. His grandfather, a band director for 35 years started him off right with an early appreciation for the art of sound and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, he was neck deep in the digital realm creating complex compositions for the new age. Taking his compositions into his own hands, this EP represents the culmination of his work so far and a giant first step out into the light with three massive anthems to take to those wanting festival dance floors and hands waiting to be thrown in the air.

His newest EP, Coming Home, is a blending of genres and energies creating a rich tapestry of feel good harmonious Bass Fusion. Opening up with the title track featuring Lynx, the EP sparkles into existence with an array of subtle motions as the vocal brings us home to a drop of layered Future synths and vocal manipulations. Next, ‘Sapphire City’ takes us up into the blue skies as the crystal voice of Brooke Williams guides us through this seductive gem, and finally, ‘Joyride’ takes us away on a journey many of us have felt as the captivating lyrics of Rhoades tell us the story. Your supply of soaring vibes pushing moving lyrics to the top for that perfect moment on the dance floor is right here.

Mastering by KELLR