This week MalLabel Music is back again with yet another exploration of body and mind as Fort Worth, Texas’, Jumbii shows us how to bring the ethereal realms to the Drum & Bass and half time world with elegance and style along with his regular dose of emotive Glitch.

With barely a gap between Crucible, his last EP release and what we have for you today, Jumbii really shows how easily one can create and inspire when you put everything you have into something you love. While the former tells the tale of the hardships, Reverie is the story of the vision realized. From the trial to the dream, these last two releases represent the choice to walk the path of light and know that through all the hardships life throws at you, they too shall pass.

His new EP, Reverie, opens with a Bluesy footwork groove in ‘Clarify Reality’ before moving etherial as angelic hymns and atmospheric glitches take us to the heavens in the majestic ‘Forgetting You’. ‘Fractician’ continues the heavenly ambience with an impassioned and driving Purple tune before the title track brings the dream to an inspired and energetic place with a hybrid Glitch and Bass fantasy. Finally, The track that inspired his entire vision and his favourite to date, his remix of his favourite musician, Katsuk and the track ‘Labyrinth’, and this truly is a track to behold and one of the most expressive and emotional songs I have written about to date. Find a safe place to shed a tear and listen.

Artwork by Sean McCarthy
Mastering by Chris Cox