This week MalLabel Music is hyped to be ushering you into the land where all your deep bass dreams come true, as LA’s esteemed scholar of sound KarmasynK drops his much anticipated new EP.

Having been called a ‘prodigy of halftime’ by respected music blog/bible The Untz, our expectations were high and wildly surpassed. ​Ruturaj Wankhede​, ​the creative behind the project moonlights as a music technology student at the California Institute of the Arts, and his focused dedication to technique and craft becomes instantly apparent as ‘​Celestial’ ​opens up with sonic purity and glitchy gold.

The title track​ ‘Celestial’​ beckons us in with intricate, technical layers that haunt the refined wobbly waves pulling us upwards with perfectly paced drops that refuse to let us fall too far out of sight. Next, ‘​Gangstuh Shii’ ​gears up with heavy hitting snares, technical half-time patterns, foreboding synths and deep, dark street memories as we journey into the twisted mind of a master at work. The EP closes with ​‘The Gypsy’s Secret’, ​a glitchy, footwork scented and horn infused journey into the jazz bars of post-robotic apocalyptica, forcing us to reexamine what we thought was even close to possible in the misty depths of underground bass fusion.

Pop the headphones on and turn the world off for this one.​ ‘Celestial’ ​deserves a deep listen; a focus that allows the true musicality and complexities of KarmasynK to arise, placing him as one to watch for years to come.

Cover Art by Client Grierson @ Point Zero Productions, AUS
Mastering by Beau Thomas @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering, UK