This week MalLabel Music is blasting through the 4/20 fog with a sultry dubstep drop from Los Angeles’s KALiPZO.

A madam of the deep and dirty, KALiPZO has been steadily edging out a niche for herself in a saturated city with her dedication to rich production, filthy low end frequencies and just the right attention to the gritty trends of tomorrow.

‘Blast Em’ is a pristine journey through a filthy fragmented future. Clearly produced with vision, the track opens with a throwback to pure dubstep that leads into precise upswings of first-class trappy 808 snared out sentiments. The following breakdowns of rhythmic synths that rally up into neck breaking wobbly drops are nothing less than masterful. KALiPZO drives it home at the very end that she is seriously here to stay, wrapping in writhing mechanics, digitized details and a dealing of drum patterns to make a booty work.

We wouldn’t trust her as far a we could throw her. KALiPZO is armed and dangerous, and ‘Blast Em’ is just one nefarious example of the powers that lie within.

Artwork by Skulltrane