MalLabel Music is stoked this week to bring back some more tripped out and tribal Trap as Fort Worth, Texas’s, Jumbii shows us how the enlightened walk the ambient spaces between the waves of hot bass and fold new vibes into the heat.

Through the course of life we often lose our way, but when we are open it tends to show us a path we can only see at just the right time. For Jumbii, the year was 2007 and that path was vinyl records. That fed him inspiration for another 5 years until a number of other twists left him with the inevitable path of music production. At this point his only choice was to follow his passion. Through the adversities of life and even some in the music game, he met his share of challenges that only fuelled his desire to create something that he could truly call his own. When you hear what we hear, you’ll be hooked.

His newest EP, Crucible, is the newest culmination of those desires burning and building pressure in the chamber of creation. After the success of Awaken, and all of the beauty within, we were taken aback by the raw energy and grit underlying his unique style that has manifest in his newest productions. The title track offers some of the beauty we’ve come to love while mixing in hints of grime and darkness, and ‘Hectagon’ follows suit with an ominous collection of atmospheres and vocal echoes. Next, ‘Orchid’ takes the vibes into outer space with some massive laser bass and Reggae Dub overtones before ‘Twisted’ closes it up with layers of darkness, chirps, and glitches with a little help from Black Market Pharmacy. This inferno is best at night in headphones or on smoky dance floors full of writhing bodies.

Artwork by Sean McCarthy
Mastering by Chris Cox & Psymbionic