MalLabel Music is dropping some serious Valentine’s Day heat on the lovers of the future this week, as San Francisco’s Idea Unsound opens our hearts and minds to some sensuous robo love.

Passionately creating sonic art for over a decade, ​Kris Grant, the man behind the music, has carved out a strong niche and has clearly been doubling down on his craft since his 2016 MalLabel Release ‘Folly’. His sound is all his own; sensual enough for mega vibes and technical enough for serious heads. ​Filtering hip hop and RnB through east coast & UK influences, Idea Unsound has formulated a recipe that keeps his music on heavy rotation, on your speakers and in your mind.

His new single​ ‘Can I Get A Kiss’​ swoons with electro-futuristic RnB samples, sophisticated layering and a flawless blending of genres, styles and eras. The masterful and practiced creation behind the track finds it instantly familiar yet decidedly on the cutting edge. Opening into scaling harmonies and classic claps, Unsound quickly sweeps us away into a exhilarating ride through footwork infused rhythms and teched out, intelligent and sexy soundscapes. Listening recommendation? Good lighting. ‘Can I Get a Kiss’​ will turn your personal situation up more than a couple notches.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox