MalLabel Music is bringing you more bangers from Bellingham this week, as HEIRZ drops Rouge; a journey beyond convention and into the dankest summer beats.

HEIRZ is a project fueled by two sonically sophisticated bass heads, dedicated to growing the oft under recognized north Washington scene. Take note, there’s wild and dirty things to be discovered in the misty mountains of the Pacific Northwest beyond bud and coffee.

‘Rouge’ is essential sound of 2018, crawling with underlings of the roots of dubstep, but layered with enough complex crispy snares, UK riddims and melodic keys to place HEIRZ smack dab in the middle of the future. This EP truly showcases the duo’s adaptability as producers, never genre stuck or placating. As ‘Rouge’ progresses from the title track, the duo explores melodious keys that mix with snapping synths, that wompy interstellar glitch life and even the depths of grime and jazz combined. Yep, we said jazz and grime in the same track. It’s happening, and it’s better than good.

Clear, clean and exacting, ‘Rouge’ is exceptionally well rounded, thought out and deeply considered. Keep an eye on HEIRZ as sound shapers and culture creators that are destined to reach beyond the darkest enclaves of Washington.

Artwork by Jeegan