MalLabel Music’s cosmic darlings Heartwurkz are back with a solid three hitter of inspiring looped magic, destined to elevate us all.

Heartwurkz is the passion project of Ahee and AshTree, two kindred California based musicians on a mission to let the rhythm be the medicine, and the medium be the message. Through what seems like an unending tour schedule of high vibing, intentional performance, the duo has secured a reputation of being absolute livetronica stars.

‘Fractals’ is a powerful follow up to their last MalLabel release ‘Lightspeed’ and carries much the same magic. Waltzing in with beautiful organs and AshTree’s angelic and luminous vocals ‘Fractals’ is a sublime ride. ‘Lightning’ follows up quickly with a rock influenced dedication to a life lived out loud. ‘Petals’ closes out catchy, rhythmic and hypnotic; glitch-hop goodness for the globe.

Another round of beauty from a pair of visionaries that are dedicated to the potential that lies within art at a time where it’s needed more than ever. Three cheers for the wild and free.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Ahee