This week MalLabel Music is blessed to bring you an uplifting new duo born out of the Lucidity festival and adventuring onward as, Heartwurkz.

Heartwurks is the coined ‘Livetronica’ sensation created by Bass Music producer AHEE and Singer/Songwriter Ash Tree. Together they hope to share a bass infused and crowd pleasing performance with that invigorating energy you can only get from a live show. As their sound evolves they consistently find new ways of integrating new and interesting instruments and vocal manipulations into cutting edge sound design, new school bass, and chopped up beats. As they infuse their dreams and prayers into a sonic phenomenon, we find the truth of their inspirations manifesting into a reality we all share together on the dance floor and through our speakers at home or on the road.

Their newest EP, Lightspeed, is a pleasant introduction to their particular brand of inspiriting harmonies as ‘The One’ opens up the mood with a radiant tapestry of sparkling arpeggios and vocal manipulations woven flawlessly into light. Next, ‘Lightspeed’ takes luminous lyrical messages and rides them over Purple bass tones and feel goods while an added VIP Mix takes the energy to the next level with a rousing Drum and Bass drop and a half time reprise. A couple fresh AHEE remixes of their tunes round off the EP dropping the chop shop on a Trapped out version of ‘Greater’ and closing out with a gorgeous and powerful cut of ‘Dreams’. So much to love and share on this one so come and get it in ya!

Photo by Fish Makes Photos
Artwork edit by Ahee
Mastering by Ahee