From the depths of the frozen north, HDrizzle is cruising into the season of darkness with a fresh three hitter of glitch infused bass house to take us deep into the witching hour. Cutting his teeth on the Canadian underground circuit for the past few years, HDrizzle has featured on SubFM, collaborated with SubSound and Euphoric to name a few.

With a sound that is undeniably bass house infused with wobble, glitchy and low end treats, HDrizzle’s’ music is evocative of the best aspects of bass music as it moves into the future, deep, dirty dancefloor bangers that are exquisitely well produced.

If HDrizzle is any indicator of the dankness emerging from Alberta, we’ll want to keep our eyes on Canadian bass for years to come.

Artwork by DELTAnine
Mastering by Killmidi