This week MalLabel Music is raising our vibrational attunement higher and much more bizarre as the inter-dimensional traveller, Groundwork shows off the power of his sonic communications in an EP to bend reality.

Groundwork is an intention, and an homage to the little things that lift the music scene, and indeed life itself to greatness. Those seemingly insignificant details unseen by the great majority that create such magnificent events and communities and without which such opportunities for sharing and growth may have never come to light. This dedication to the details that embolden our community doesn’t stop short at the love of networking and participation, but floods into his music in an endless tide of unique sound bytes and textures each lovingly crafted solely through playful experimentation and happy accidents then blended together in a symphony of innovative artistry.

His newest EP, Strange Language, is the first, we hope of many examples of such collections of the avant-garde. The intense array of original sounds saturating each track with an almost unheard of depth of timbre in each melody speak to a clear desire to follow no standards and enter no box. From robotic to smooth and crunchy to beautiful this EP keeps it psychedelic and atmospheric as it takes us through more than a few mixed and unclassifiable genres in an attempt to communicate to human neural pathways. In hopes of building something rare this EP clearly lays out the groundwork. It’s about the little things.

Artwork by DigiTrip Designs
Mastering by Chris Cox