MalLabel Music is pumped to be bringing that rich Texan gold, as Glass Cannon pairs up with Zen Griffey for First Expanse, an exhilarating hip hop EP with future trap roots.

Glass Cannon is a trifecta boasting a powerful history. Drummer and producer Kasey Chestnutt and Eliaz Salaz III come from bluesy and metal backgrounds, and vocalist Holly Harper has key-trained herself to usher in mystical vocalism from beyond the void. No biggie. Self-described as ‘exploring bass music through a post rock lens’ the Glass Cannon sound is decidedly refreshing. The group first crossed paths in 2015, making the decision to pair with future-pacing MC Zen Griffey a timely one. First Expanse is a bold foray into live action trillwave.

The album opens with the title track, filled with nimble and sultry psychedelic-fusion. This effortlessly blends into P4KM4N soaring with atmospheric and nostalgic ambience that wraps up with the heavy-crunching Migos-nudging ‘Tsunami.’ First Expanse as a whole is refreshing and sublime. The entire album drips in with an electrifying live sensation that toys with muted cloud-rap and leaves it reconstructed.

Just in time for summer, First Expanse is the conscious and well crafted answer to muted rap and saturated sounds. We bet you a fiver it’s on repeat after the first round.

Artwork by Skulltrane