In the ever-competitive world of electronic music, there are many ways music labels can connect with their listeners and distinguish themselves within the movement. In order to do just that, MalLabel developed a line of quality merchandise that reflects our brand and allows our fans to look fly and feel amazing whether you are on the dance floor, on the go, or lounging at home.


We’ve been decking out fashionistas with our leggings for a while now, but what you might not know is that– in addition to being a staple of the underground bass movement– MalLabel is also participating in forward-thinking trends in ethical consumerism.


MalLabel’s leggings are made by Seattle-based collective Bombsheller, a locally-owned textile printer. Bombsheller crafts their leggings in-house and on-demand, meaning they start production on your piece of wearable art once you order it. As the website says, “When you order leggings, you are bringing art to life.”


Turnaround time on your leggings is a couple of days, which means no wait for you, and no wasted fabric from your made-to-order fashion statement.


The leggings feature locally-oriented designs and internationally sourced textiles. Many of MalLabel’s designs were created by our own bass babe, Carolyn Smith AKA Skulltrane. The high quality, moisture-wicking, four-way-stretch polyester/spandex blend is sustainably sourced in Italy (no sweatshops here, baby!)


As if all that wasn’t enough, major bonus points come from the fact that when you buy a pair of leggings you get access to downloads of MalLabel’s latest releases. If you purchase a MalLabel subscription on Bandcamp, you receive a free pair of leggings to rock while you’re dancing away to MalLabel’s filthy bass.


Take a peek at our exclusive merch line, here! 

Blog Coordinator: Lauren DeGaine