This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you some experimental Grime and filthy IDM styles from Canada as Montréal, Québec’s, Fill Spectre gives us the machine treatment with a digital quadruped of monstrous proportions.

Fill Spectre isn’t here to impress anyone, stick to a style or play to the hype. After a quick browse of his history you’ll find this apparition consistently filling the void with dark and inventive harmonies from another world. Entering this plane through tears in the fabric wrought by Dubstep’s powerful drums, he lingered here creating menacing delusions and haunting atmospheres riding those crushing half time beasts. Harnessing this power, he has since evolved to a more dynamic experimentalist cadence and new visionary creations unrestricted by a genre moving in a direction that could no longer hold his curiosity.

His newest EP, Bleeposaurus, You can hear the exploration of self as he redefines his place in bass with a crushing expedition into left field Intelligent Bass Music. The title track opens the EP with a machine stomping through the fields of creation before the digital monster tramples it’s reality in style and moving to ‘Stroll Face’ where the creatures go for a rip through the digital jungles of computerized bass. Next, ‘Retaliate’ drops us into a vortex of twisted vocals and disturbing mechanizations and finally, ‘Deaden Stylus’ closes it up with a psychedelic mangling of Hip-Hop vibes through the machine. With beasts like the Bleeposaurus on a rampage through your speakers you have two options. Evolve or die.

Artwork by Jeegan
Mastering by Fill Spectre