This week MalLabel Music is stoked to be bringing you another tag team track selection as Baltimore Maryland’s, DELTAnine and McWavy get together to show us how to get sexy smooth with an 808 and some sultry riffs.

Never one not to impress, DELTAnine seems to have no limits on what creations he befalls on the world. With everything from Drill and Hybrid to Dub and DownTempo, he brings the perfect bass game to every field he plays and always knocks it out of the park. Along comes McWavy, and all her musical mastery. A Psychedelic Rock driven, Jazz inspired, saxophone piping, keyboarding, didgeridoo humming, classically trained pianist, and powerhouse of a woman with a penchant for heart string tugging Electronic Music. The uniquely beautiful creations these two were destined to create upon getting together should pretty much be the obvious conclusion and we are on it like black on goths.

Their new EP, Sunday Vibes, spells itself out as the title track opens with a slow slide into the post weekend’s peaceful tranquility with sweeping pads, chords, and a dab of gentle vocal reminders over a soothing saxophone. ‘One Wish Left’ then takes us up on a celestial journey through angelic vocal messages across a tapestry of radiant atmospheres before glitching it all out over a rolling 808 as the vocals guide the EP to a finish. A truly sublime addition to anyone’s music collection and an easy listening treat, any day of the week.

Artwork by Chris Honsberger
Mastering by Chris Honsberger