MalLabel Music is excited to be transporting you to the jungles of a not so distant future as Deerskin releases the emotive ‘Lost in Amber’ EP.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Deerskin finds himself in good company with many other MalLabel artists, but brings a sound like none other. The artist masterfully melds the ancient sentiments of humanity with the potential of biology to fuse with technology. The result? A sonic paradise that lands us right on the edge of a fragile and shadowed utopia.

Trapped in Amber takes us to a time where the jurassic coexists with the robotic; where the sounds of the wild are underwritten with all the urban influences we love. The EP opens up with Forest Breaths , sure to be one of the most unique tracks you’ll hear all year. Didgeridoo-esque synths lay the groundwork for a canopy of digitized stars to emerge, wrapped in eastern chants and hip-hop vocals. Lost in Amber winds open slow with eerie teched out groans, giving the entire EP a darker, deeper ambience. Mental Temple loops us back into the heart of the jungle, where deliberate, strong strings fuses with instrumentals and wompy bass to pull visions of vine covered ruins and the mysterious vibes that emerge from within.

If Tarzan built a trap house, ‘Lost in Amber’ would definitely be on heavy rotation. Ambient music for those who can’t stand ambient music. This is i t.

Artwork by Jeegan
Mastering by Chris Cox