MalLabel Music is stoked this week to bring you a little something off our usual with a slick four pack of Drum & Bass influenced tunes as Rohnert Park, California’s, Danky shows us how to take a genre out of the box and repackage it with some serious original flavor.

The stories of the Electronic Music scene thrusting skilled musicians down a rabbit hole of endless musical corridors sees no end as, Danky, a classically trained Jazz pianist, Guitarist, and Brass cat took the plunge after being introduced to it’s depths. Only three short years ago, her brother washed this world over her and she immediately began producing seriously and before long those Jazz skills began manifesting an amorphous, and ever changing tapestry of genres blended together into a style all her own. You know we like genres chewed and glitched out here at MalLabel and we’ll be keeping tabs on this one.

Her newest EP, The Calm, takes a heavy swing and connects with her desire to create a vibe throughout that you can disappear into while relaxing with a pair of headphones or groove to with some strangers on a dance floor. With some Jungley-Juke, Liquid-Tech, and elements from more than a few other avenues, The Calm takes us on a joyride through emotion and timbre in an alluring manifestation of her chill side riding jungle influences. From the title track to ‘Again’, the EP builds up the energy with subtle guitar and glass to moodier tones and vocal manipulations with a higher energy remix by Squirrely Bass on the latter, while ‘Stripped Silence’ ties off this spout of emotion with some raw psychedelia.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox