MalLabel Music is departing from our regular frequencies and opening a gateway into an ethereal wonderland this week, as New York’s Cosmal drops their Slow Motion EP.

The duo consists of Ryan Coyle and Ali Laz; visionary artists with a clear dedication to the potency of interdisciplinary creation. Laz’s unearthly vocals (and live painting) fuse with Coyle’s guitar, synths and keys to create a environment that transports and transcends genres, space and time.

Slow Motion is a subtly guided journey through refreshing musicality. Inhale exudes the care and compassion of intricate creation, with soft synths, sparkling vocals and subtle guitar dripping of afterglow bliss. Slow Motion wanders with acoustic instrumentals reminiscent of mid-summer memories and inspiring, leading lyricism. The multifaceted March of the Samurai is a hypnotizing blend of future-spanish guitar, perceptive percussion, neo-jazz vocals and peace. Sera Vida vanquishes the listener to the outer realms of sensuality; latin inspired, smooth and potent. The first single off the album, Traveler is a crescendo of tranced out eastern influences; the yearning for connection with the divine made manifest into sound. Exhale lands us ever so softly back into our bodies and minds, with low-end, swagger filled snares and goosebump inducing vocals that embody the mysticism of the void.

co – produced by Dyln Engls
featuring vocals by Ali