This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you back to the other side of experimental Bass Music as Kansas City, Missouri’s, Chilling Spree takes us through the entrance to a world of 808 shuffles, glitches, and digitalis.

It’s been almost two years and 80 releases since we dropped the last Chilling Spree EP here on MalLabel Music and that is far too long to be letting his test subjects loose in a lab. We can only imagine what experimental creatures lie within his evolving fleet of presets and sample banks, but we are stoked for the opportunity to let loose a few more recordings from the depths of his unclassifiable noise chambers. As he frees his specimens to interact with each other in the lab and encourages the mutations of all things eerie and eccentric under the microphone we expect no less than the glitchiest renditions of bass dwelling soundscapes when he’s finally done messing with them.

His newest EP, Portal, opens with an escalation of etherial voices as the energy drops into a rich, tonal tapestry of bass over rhythms of broken things and even more layers of bass in ‘Wlan0mon’ before picking it up with a poppin’ experimental Juke and low end roller in ‘GniksamkcaB’. Next ‘INEED$$$’ gets intergalactic as this portal takes us to another galaxy with a psychedelia of tripped out space Glitch and finally, ‘Gizmo’ closes up with an ominous array of creepy manipulated giggles and falling tonality over a fat 808. This one’s for dance floor odysseys and headphone travellers. Let’s get weird!

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chilling Spree