This week MalLabel Music has some fresh faces in our ranks and some bottom heavy bangers from overseas as Brussels, Belgium’s, Cheery-O shows us how the European underground steps up the Urban Trap game for your speakers.

Only a year out of the gates, Cheery-O has capitalized on their perfect combination of style and timbre. One, a US Hip-Hop and Trap influenced beat maker and DJ, the other, a producer and DJ riding the spectrum of all things electronic from House to Drum & Bass and Dubstep. Together this dynamic Belgium pairing has all the depth of both worlds, with the vibes of the street, and the rhythm to keep the dance floor bouncing all night long. The culmination of such energies captures a unique piece of both World Bass and metropolitan vibes to cut a fresh new slice of Urban Bass Music.

Their new EP, All Black Everything, opens with a tribal beat and the vocals of Dolfa leading the vibe to a drop into metallic cuts over that fat 808 sub we’ve all come to love anew as the title track shows off the dark side of underground bass. Next, ‘OMG’ builds up the hype and tension before dropping the party alarm over some more of that rollin’ bass while the vocal cuts push the vibes higher. Finally, ‘Osiris’ takes it home with an Oriental vibe as the chops and chirps ride the bass through the landscape they’ve created with the help of 5Stackz and vocal highlights by Natacha Atlas topping off the beauty. Time to take this overseas and peep how these Brussels gents are keepin’ it 100 with Urban Bass.

Mastering by Chris Cox