Out Now: “Trust” by 9 Livez

Out Now: “Trust” by 9 Livez

The highly anticipated debut track “Trust” from 9 Livez,  a dynamic fusion of musical talent from @adammeow and @helloego, is officially available!

Dive into the world of drum and bass where DnB rollers and enigmatic vibes meet to create a sonic masterpiece.

🎶 Crafted with Adam Meow’s lyric talents and Hello Ego’s genre-defying compositions, “Trust” is more than just a track—it’s a journey through the various dimensions of consciousness, articulated through the universal language of sound.

🚀 Listen Now: “Trust” is available on all major streaming platforms. Don’t forget to add it to your playlist and share it with your friends!

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“Trust” takes you on a profound exploration of life’s ever-changing stages and the intricate concept of multiple existences.