MalLabel Music is catching the wave of a turbo charged bass artist this week as Atlanta, Georgia’s CANVAS releases the monumental ‘Foreign Transmissions’.

Setting herself apart in a town of tastemakers isn’t easy, but CANVAS has the history and training to shift the scope of bass music into an entirely new realm. Training on the euphonium in her formative years lends all of her productions an orchestral and tremendous sound that no one in the scene currently can quite compete with.

The EP opens up with the screaming to be sampled ‘Gossip’, filled with frenetic bass breakdowns and scaling synths. Becoming more melodic, softer and cohesive as it progresses, ‘Future Machines’ and ‘First Contact’ are constructed carefully and masterfully, both boasting complex arrangements and massive, neck breaking drops. ‘Foreign Transmissions’ wraps up with the title track whirring with robotic and ​rhythmic dynasty leaving you curious and hungry to dive back in and hit repeat.

Stacked with style, skill and the certain special something that sets a producer up for the bigtime, CANVAS is prepped and ready to transmit greatness on the circuit all summer long.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Chris Cox