MalLabel Music takes a great leap towards a refined and intelligent future this week as St.Louis, Missouri’s Blaze Luminous returns to the decks in a feat of mighty and diligent beauty.

A hip-hop electronica fusion producer with jazz, gospel, funk and future influences, Blaze has clearly been putting in some serious work on his sound since his last MalLabel release. Descension is a pure and refined work of art; drawing the finest lines and procuring the deepest dives.

If the truest definition of an artist is an ability to break the rules to birth something entirely new, than Blaze Luminous is a creator in the truest sense of the word. Descension is a poetic contradiction, sensual yet gritty, beautiful yet jarring, enticing and terrifying. Glitchy, dynamic and evolving, the journey through slashed up samples, synths, drum patterning and emotive layering is a powerful one.

To profoundly express oneself through one’s creations is perhaps the greatest challenge artist undertake, and Blaze Luminous has spoken sonic truth with this one. Take it in heavy doses, again and again and again.

Mastering by Chris Cox