MalLabel Music has prepared some heavy duty detonation this week, as California’s BLAOW rallies the heavy hitters for his ‘​Bombsquad Vol 1​’, a tour de force of genre expressionism and production prowess.

Emerging from the underbelly of the infamous Camp Question Mark crew, BLAOW aka Ryan Tougas has managed to earn a spot as an innovative artist in a crowded genre.

Opening with an executioner’s cadence,​ ‘Perfect Score w/iMok​’ is laden with 808 tendencies, massive horns, sky falling chirps and stadium worthy soundscapes.​ ‘Moon Boots w/ Chops Junkie’​ takes an eerie slo-mo creep step through dark and dirty bass. A collab with MalLabel brethren ​LITLBIRD​,​ ‘The Conquest’​ mixes stripped down techy sounds with a flushed out low end for a freakshow all it’s own. Massive and driving, ‘​All Outta’ Liquor w/ Haddit’ ​rips the future of dubstep into a new dimension with racing upswings and drops heavy enough to test your woofer. ‘​Awoken w/ Radiks’ ​switches things up into a swirling cascade of mechanical chirps, grinding industrial bass and smirk earning samples. Next,​ ‘Timewarp w/ Kringle’ ​is a pinnacle of the best in future bass; innovative, genre bending and designed for the dancefloor. The EP finishes with another MalLabel artist collab, ‘​We Warned You ft Peek Levels’, ​where​ ​filthy grime samples meld with wompy horns, bright sharp beats, purist snare hits and unexpected tempo changes for a grand finale of genre destruction.

Epic in the truest sense of the word, ‘​Bombsquad Vol 1’ ​has the colossal sounds that the 2018 festival season will be begging for. Run for shelter, the explosion is on its way.

Artwork by Marti Chann
Mastering by Saif Bari