This week MalLabel Music is rolling out some more of that big show Trap game as Minneapolis, Minnesota’s, Bionik gives us a high five of diverse 808 bangers and feels to fill out the new crates for the sun filled festival dance floors.

As his name suggests, Bionik adds a mechanical essence to all his organic parts creating a diverse range of sound and atmosphere layered together to form a tapestry of acoustic and electronic threads. His drive to absorb musical culture has wrought proficiency across any instrument he can get his hands on and growing like the borg assimilating sound with everything from his voice to hands on instruments, to the most extreme digital software filling the ranks of his arsenal of melody inducing tools.

His newest EP, Hypnotic Magnetism, takes his usual focus on using vocals to connect with audiences to a new realm of connecting directly through tonality and atmosphere alongside a few choice vocal cuts. The title track takes a dreamy slow rise to a steep ramp to fly off with big Future Bass synths alongside some grimy chirps riding a fat 808 sub. ‘Morning After’ takes a beautiful soundscape and glitches it out and real low while ‘Break Down’ in collaboration with Sunshine does just that and breaks it down to a feast of grimy big room jabs over bass and vocal stabs. Next up, ‘Another Hit’ featuring Griffin on the mic takes that slow deliberate Trap vibe through a glitched out circus nightmare and finally, ‘Harpoon’ tops it all off smooth with a Trip-Hop vibe giving this EP everything you need.

Artwork by Sizhi Zou