This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you a new EP from a veritable dynamic duo as Providence, Rhode Island’s, beardthug shows us how they bring the vibes bangin through the heart and soul of Bass Music with any kind of equipment one could throw at them.

Together, beardthug possesses a wealth of experience, musical, and technical knowledge the likes of which most only dream from a combination of lifetimes in musical abstraction. One, a Metal guitarist turned Downtempo producer morphed into an electronic Metal Head, or Bass Music junkie thanks to a Skrillex track and the right kind of liquid at an Alex Grey house party. The other, a technical Electronic gizmo addict since ’99, blowing through Sony Acid: Xpress, the Alesis HR-16 drum machine, MPCs, Keyboards, and finally graduating to Ableton Live and never looking back.

You Won’t Like This, opens to a rising crescendo of manipulated digitalis culminating in a glitched out stomper of slow and impactful bass chops blended effortlessly into the tapestry of broken computerization in ‘Morning Mimosa’. Next, ‘This Falafel Has Drugs In It’ takes a smooth ride through a psychedelic circus of gamified vocal manipulations twisted through menacing bass and timing. Finally, ‘Regretamine’ featuring JuJu Beats closes off the EP with a creep show of ethereal sweeps, swirling vocal stabs, and tripping fields of crushed basslines. This is music for music’s sake. Art not intended to give a crap what you think, and it’s all the more awesome and weird for it. Take a seat. You might need it.

Artwork by Glassco
Mastering by Mallek Saleh